Christopher Raeburn

Found myself at the Christopher Raeburn presentation at London Fashion Week’s headquarters in Somerset House this afternoon. It made me want quilted trousers. The design team tell me they were made from some amazing military grade  fabric, as is a lot of Raeburn’s amazingly industrial, functional work. Sadly I would look like a beached whale in quilted tapered trousers, but I would happily settle for one of the amazing parkas, or even one of the caps or bags. Raeburn is one of the Topshop BCF Newgen Designers, and won the British Fashion Award for Emerging Talent-Menswear, so don’t be surprised when he soon takes over the world with his upcycled and sustainable design. Oh you didn’t know that he’s really committed to sustainability? That’s because he does it the way it should be done – by being really good at design first and foremost.

Overall the collection for me was characterised by big hoods, navy, green and yellow, sumptuous wool, military parachute fabric, utility & function, and awesome quilted sock-cover-thingys for massive wedges. The pieces are all still wonderfully feminine but for the kind of girls who aren’t afraid to jump in puddles.

Christopher Raeburn AW12

I want this coat and this hat. I would be a better person with them on, if sadly still nowhere near as ridey as the model.

Christopher Raeburn AW12
Christopher Raeburn AW12
Christopher Raeburn AW12

Quilted Trouser NOM.


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