OUTFIT POST: London Fashion Week

Hung out in Somerset House again today with my pal and blogger extrodinaire Ana aka Ripped Knees. She was kind enough to take a pic of me to share with you nosey parkers. Here I am wearing clothes, in front of the Fashun Week hoarding. A nice lady from Company also asked to take my picture, I think because her iPad case was the same colour as my skirt!

Shirt, American Apparel; Cardigan, Comptoir des Cottoniers; Skirt, thrifted; Coat; custom hacked to pieces; Shoes, Carvela; Hat, American Apparel; Scarf, Urban Outfitters, HOLGA

acid pop colour for the win!

I have been meaning to features these shoes for ages as I bought them in the sales at Christmas and I love them to pieces. They are half-brogue-half-creeper and really this picture does the soles no justice, but they are comfy and awesome. My mother thinks they look like nun shoes and she may well have a point but no matter because they look GREAT.

Also loved having my lil Holga with me among the millions and millions of ever clicking DSLRs. Yes, I had my slr and was snap happy too, but I just always feel a bit more comfortable using film – you have a finite amount of frames, so you are forced to think more. One of the things about the circus that is Somerset House is how many pics people shoot off – I wonder how much they really think about what they are trying to capture or whether they are hoping their expensive lens and body will accidentally capture something special. Perhaps I give my fellow bloggers less credit than they deserve but it’s definitely a thought.


3 thoughts on “OUTFIT POST: London Fashion Week

  1. I take about a million photos at shows but I don’t use them as the site I write for uses other photos – I use them for my reference when I’m writing up reports rather than taking notes! They’re terrible and I wouldn’t inflict them on anyone!

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