Best of NewGen at Fashion Week. According to Me.

These were the best bits of Topshop/BFC’s NewGen area at Somerset House, according to me, when I visited on Saturday. I was sad because Holly Fulton & Michael Van Der Ham have yet to show so they only had last season’s collection, and JW Anderson had like 4 things on his space. But I was happy because there was a bunch of awesome new stuff, like David Koma’s amazing collection, and Paler//Harding’s incredible shirt-based collection, Thomas Tait, and Simone Rocha’s INSANE new collection, and Sister by Sibling’s super fun one, and……..I am in danger of gushing.

David Koma AW12


Let’s just have a little moment for how insanely good Simone Rocha is. This season was her first proper show, and from seeing the pieces up close and personal, she is really ready to play with the big boys. The level of quality and detail in her work is so developed and refined, and her colour pallate and ability to play with texture really is something special. I particularly loved her shirt with the wooly collar, was so cute, and then the lace blazer, and the wooly/perspex dress. Dream.

Simone Rocha AW12
Simone Rocha AW12

Also, this was my first season knowing about Thomas Tait, and I can’t wait for more amazing things from him.

Thomas Tait


And finally, Sister by Sibling totally made my rainy day with their cheeky little barbie dolls at their space. Love it.

Sister by Sibling AW12

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