My favourite colour is SHINY

Balmain SS12
Christopher Kane SS12
Felder Felder SS12
Giles SS12
Manish Arora SS12
Marc Jacobs SS12
Sass & Bide SS12
Suno SS12
Theysken's Theory SS12

Basically, I’m tacky as hell. I try to be subtle*, but I’m subtle like a brick. I LOVE shiny things like magpies love shiny things. Maybe it’s because I’m dead inside and it deflects attention away from my black soul? Perhaps. All I know is that shiny things make me happy. It’s hard to be sad when you have a shiny lazer cut leather skirt.

The Balmain is a DREAM of shiny embroidery, and the Felder Felder is a stroke of shiny grungy ’90’s genius. But bewarned, shiny! is not like colour – silhouette DOES matter. Cut, shape, proportion – think about what you want and what’s going to work for you. Unless you look like the birds above, if you get it wrong, it’s gonna look TERRRRRIIIIIBBBBBBBUUUUUULLLLLLLL.  Team with a not-so-shiny plain t-shirt, or shirt (á la Jacobs) for a more demure take. Or throw caution to the wind and go all out, and wait for the magpies (me) to flock towards you and coo at your awesome shiny thing.

*no I don’t. I wear acid colour and leopard at the same time. The hack.


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