Mary Portas for Clarks (and the Win).

I LOVE all things Mary Portas. I love her agency Yellow Door, who represent some of my favourite brands, like Acne and Comptoir Des Cottoniers, as well as other sensible brands like Clarks and Radley. So I was delighted with myself when they asked me to come in for a little visit and a mooch around the show room. They were predictably lovely, as is to be expected working for someone who champions having a good brand and knowing how to be good at what you do. We talked about things like fast fashion, and how quality and craftsmanship is important, as well as the best place to go for a pint in Dublin (the Shaw!).

Here’s what caught my eye. As expected, the Mary shoes for Clarks are just like her – fashionable but sensible. They are the kind of shoes that probably won’t make it into Wonderland, but people will compliment you when you wear them, and it’s fairly safe to say that they won’t destroy your feet wearing them all day. It’s like they need a foot in them to do them justice. I also spied awesome Liberty x Clarks high tops, and super fun gold brogues – WANT.

Liberty x Clarks
Mary Portas for Clarks

Another brand they look after is Full Circle. I would never really pay it much attention but I was really pleasantly surprised with their collection – the shapes, the prints and the fabrics were all really lovely. Going on the someone-please-buy-me list.

Full Circle SS12
Full Circle SS12

And of course, there’s Comptoir Des Cottoniers. I LOVE Comptior. It’s properly my favourite thing. The French just know how to do it.

Comptoir Des Cottoniers SS12
Comptoir Des Cottoniers SS12

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