Photo Story: Une petite histoire Parisienne

I am getting serious mileage out of last weekend’s trip to Paris – me + camera + very blogworthy place = millions of images. Did you know that it takes just 20 minutes to cross the channel on the Eurostar, and that it goes below the sea, as in, under the seabed? They are just some of the things that I discovered. Here are some more…

Paris, Montmarte, Hotel Avenir

museé des art decoratifs, paris

creepy books, paris, shop window

texture, lace, shop front,

trompe l'oeil, musee des arts decoratifs, paris, exhibition, art

skinny legs, paris

architecture, beautiful building, paris, surface

antique shop, curios, paris, vintage

noisy shoes, jane alexandra, paris, self portrait in a toilet

skinny legs, paris, motion, print

antique shop, curios, paris, mish mash, nikon d5000, untouched

…and that’s just the start of it. I’ll give you a pound if you can tell me what that amazing building in the seventh picture is. Not everyone, just the first person.


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