Photo Diary: Paris 2

Paris really needs to do everyone a favour and stop being such a beautiful, inspiring place; otherwise people are just going to keep on taking dodgy, arty farty pictures all over the shop.

Case in point:

jewellery, goth, musee des art decoratifs, paris, cross, ornate

hotel de ville, paris

grand palais, paris

grand palais, paris, texture, tiles, pattern, mosaic, geometric,

place de la concorde, tuleries, paris, colour, inspiration

montmarte, red light, paris

red wine, paris

fireplace, musee des arts decoratifs, baroque, tiles, ceramic

triona, hotel room, paris

paris, texture, colour, pattern, composition

silhouettes, portraits, composition, photos, inspiration, paris, musee des arts decoratifs

drawing, jane alexandra

pattern, colour, asian, furniture

jour de france, magazines, vintage, fashion, paris, shop window

come on eileen, vintage store, paris

pattern, tiles, 70's, paris

2 thoughts on “Photo Diary: Paris 2

  1. In your paris post there is a picture of a great looking shop with millions of shoes! Where is this and do you know of any other great shops in paris, vintage or other. I’m heading over soon, but I only ever seem to find expensive ones!
    And suggestions would be great thanks xxx

    1. Hey Hannah this was taken at Come on Eileen, it’s a great place, with expensive and cheap stuff all mixed in! Bastille and La Marais are teeming with vintage places, try Frip’Star for a bargain.

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