Photo Story: Bali

Back in February I spent all the money I had on a flight to Bali. It was equal parts inspired and insane behaviour. Sadly, the too-poor-to-eat thing didn’t give me the awesome beach bod I was hoping for, because food that is bad for you is cheaper for you than food that is good for you. But that is a debate for another place (Channel 4 have a good series of documentaries if you are interested). Anyway, me and my not-even-nearly beach ready bod went to Bali and surfed, snorkled and generally acted the maggot. I went fishing at sunset and dived off boats. I absorbed the overwhelming culture, which was Aussie bogan style, and came home thinking it was perfectly acceptable to wear an oversize tie dye tee, leopard maxi, trucker hat and flip flops as a legitimate outfit. :/ Well when the place looks like this, who gives a shit about clothes…

bali, bingin beach, coastline, landscape, seascape

bali, kite, sky

bingin beach, bali, seascape, 35mm, olympus

bingin beach, bali, seascape, landscape, 35mm, olympus

boats, the gulf, photos from a plane, 35mm, olympus

sky, clouds, plane photos, 35mm, olympus

Ps. I accidentally threw out a roll of film with all my favourite places on it. EPIC fail. Thank feic for my iphone….

binging beach, bali, seascape, iphone photo


binging beach, bali,  iphone photo


Gili Trawangan, flowers, iphone photo


Gili Trawangan, full moon, seascape, iphone photo, no filter


Padangbai Harbour, Bali, boats, iphone photo


Padangbai Harbour, bali, palm trees, iphone photo

typo, engrish, word fail

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