Sunday Funday #9…

I have succeeded in getting myself a job where I disseminate the collections and am constantly working with trends and analysing what’s next. Which makes me less inclined to repeat it in my free time. It’s not that I have lost interest – far from it, I am actually living the dream. But all fashion an no play makes Jane a dull, uninspired girl and a very boring blogger. In the spirit of doing something that isn’t fashion (I think it’s called balance??), I watched a load of american teenage-coming-of-age films last weekend. For your convenience I have rated them according to their suitability for hangover viewing.

1) American Graffiti.

If you don’t know it, get on it. Directed by Francis Ford Coppola (him from Apocalypse Now) and written by George Lucas (you know, THAT George Lucas), it’s a coming of age tale set in the late 50’s early ’60’s. It is visually stunning, the music is off the chain (my favourite quote of the film might just be “rock n roll has been going downhill since Buddy Holly died). It’s got drive-ins and drag racing, teddy boys, T-birds and a hop. It’s all a bit Marc Jacobs. And a bit Moschino. If you ask me, it’s better than Rebel Without A Cause with more developed characters and a more engaging story. It’s just a pity Ron Howard is on screen more than the insanely ridey Harrison Ford.
Hangoverability: moderate to low. It’s slick stylish and character centric, so you might lose interest if you are feeling delicate. However even if you’re not following the story it’s very visually pleasing.

american graffiti, ron howard, george lucas, film still

2) What’s Eating Gilbert Grape
Johnny Depp being a babe, Juliette Lewis being awesome and Leonardo Di Caprio in what has to be his career defining role. Given that I find touching stories almost always either saccharine or corny, this one just nails it and warmed my icy heart and had me blubbing like a sad kitten. Set in the vast American midlands the whole thing is just unreal.
Hangoverability: Very low. Don’t watch it with a bad hangover/the fear. You might die of tears.

What's Eating Gilbert Grape, film still, Johnny Depp, Leonardo Di Caprio

What's Eating Gilbert Grape, film still, Johnny Depp, Leonardo Di Caprio, Juliette Lewis

What's Eating Gilbert Grape, film still, Johnny Depp, Leonardo Di Caprio,

link, link, link

3) 10 things I hate about you
This film is a classic, not least because Heath Ledger is in it, being all Heath ledger-y. It’s over the top, the characters are caricatures, and the story line is silly. Exactly how a teen drama should be. And the clothes are something else.
Hangoverability: high. This film was made with people of low intellects in mind. Perfect hangover fodder.

And I listened to Alt-J. A lot. New favourite. His voice is mesmerising. Sounds a little bit black keys, a little bit bluesy, and very very now.
Hangoverability: high. It’s soothing and melodic. It’s a hug for your delicate ears.

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