Trend Watch: Plaid

While I’ve been very bad at blogging for quite some time now I’ve been pretty productive elsewhere in my life. Here’s one of the moodboards I’ve been working from in the studio. Check, plaid, tartan. Whatever you wanna call it. It’s not newsworthy that grunge is back  – even Look magazine is all over that shit. It is also arguable that plaid is not, in fact, back because it never really went away…it’s just more that it has been promoted…While print is having a maximal moment, a plaid is a simpler more minimal way of doing it. Loud without being fussy. This season’s plaids are in fresh new colours, as well as referencing classic 90’s styles. What I like about plaid for Spring Summer 2013 is the combinations of print and textures, á la Dries with the florals and the mettalics. Or Richard Chai Love with the washed out, painterly thing. And if all else fails, just throw on a mini kilt and matching jacket and look like a total Betty, as per Cher in Clueless. Way cool.

plaid, tartan, check, clueless, Princess Diana, Pearl Jam, Nirvana, pendleton, KTZ, Richard Chai Love, Giambasti Valli, Mary Katrantzou, Louis Vuitton, Kurt Cobain, Dries Van Noten, Alexander McQueen, grunge, 1990's, style, fashion, textiles, print, pattern
Plaid Moodboard

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