Visual Diary – the travel edit. Safety not guaranteed.

A while back I realised that despite having comparable incomes, my friends were all leading far more interesting lives. They used their incomes to DO things, to travel. Weekends away, road trips, going to the country, exciting holidays. That sort of thing. Turns out I had been so focused on clothes,  booze and fags for so long it hadn’t occurred to me to go away once in a while. To inspire myself with something outside of London. So that’s what I did.

In this brave new world that is starting to look scarily like adulthood, I am as broke as, but I am now culturally enriched. I have visited many places (well, about seven places). I have seen things I had not seen before. I have eaten things I did not know exist. Like a Devonshire cream tea. I leave London. I surf! It feels great.

Admittedly, doing exciting things means I can’t afford to wear exciting things, but realistically I never could to begin with, and it’s probably (definitely) better that I don’t spend my disposable income on clothes that I probably (definitely) don’t need. Except for the Canada Goose jacket that’s definitely (probably) in my future, because, you know, going surfing in November is COLD. You know?…

As a designer and Instagram sap, I take pictures, because, you know, I’m never not working and all that. Here is some of what I have seen in the past few months. Feels like the right thing to post given my summer holiday from blogging!

inspiration, architecture, signage

collections, bric a brac, pattern, texture, tiles, print, toys


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