Thursday View

Living in a big city makes you jaded and cynical. There was a time when I thought things were cool. Now I mostly think things are trite, twee, overworked, under developed, lazy, try hard, tired or just plain crap. This is the conversation I had the other night after an evening of exhibitions that were none of those adjectives. So maybe I’m a typical East London hypocrite? Either way, I am aware how privileged Londoners are that we can complain about being totally bombarded by talent and ideas. The noise of the city can be overwhelming, but when some of the voices were as charming, fresh and honest as the work on Vyner Street last Thursday, it becomes a comforting din. Even if most of it is trite. 

Monsters! Bananas! Marbling! Brains! These were the things floating my boat this week. Special mention to Monsters Ink. Check out their tumblr. And their zine. The work is great. I am running low on positive adjectives today but the show made me smile so that’s a definite yes in my book. Chris and Benji seem to have a good thing going, and should be in your “ones to watch” folder. Brendon Marczan’s Nature in Tipi show was graphic pattern loveliness and I can’t remember the name of the artist who had the marbling and she is proving in-googlable. So, if it’s you, please tell me. And market yourself more!

vyner street, exhibition, art, pattern, trend, monsters ink, chris mckenzie, Benjamin Liebenhals, Nature in Tipi, brendon marczan




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