Fangirling: Chloe Moretz

I’m not usually one for fangirling but I keep seeing Chloe Moretz popping up in fashion places and damn, that kid’s COOL. Like really cool. Now I’ve never seen the original Carrie because I’m terrified of scary films, and I have no intention of watching the new remake. But Kick Ass…well it kicked ass. And yes, HitGirl is a fictional character, so I don’t KNOW that Chloe is cool. But like all great characters, there is a great actor underneath. She’s other worldly beautiful, which helps, of course. She has a Tavi Gevinson thing about her, but less quirky. And a Lana thing too, but not trailer-parky. And she’s 16!!! AAAAAHHHH. Jealousy aside, I guess in terms of role models for young girls it’s nice to have someone so popular and pretty not rocking around in her knickers, openly taking drugs and twerking at every opportunity. Which is cool, once you’re legal and ting, just maybe not the only aspiration impressionable kids should have.

Keep up the good work of being awesome, Chloe. Oh, and please do a shoot with Jurgen Teller, that would be awesome. Ok thx bai.


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