Monday Funday: Shangaan Electro x Dazed

A big thanks to Dazeddigital, this film (that won’t embed for me!) has brightened up my Monday no end! Love how surreal and fun it is, how incredible the dancers are and the tune is wicked!

Projects and this like this bridge the mental gap in people’s heads about “World Music”, just like with artists such as M.I.A, DJ Mujava, and even Major Lazer’s new track has a worldly feel to it. Even back in 2010 Radioclit’s Club Secousse was doing the same thing, bringing excellent music from Africa to a European audience. Indeed Paul Simon worked with Shangaan musician General MD Shirinda on the seminal Graceland in 1986. And from Bashment to Baila Funk, non-western music has been dominating dance floors for years. I have never been able to understand people’s reservations about music that comes from places they do not. Ultimately they are all just beats and these ones are sick.


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