Happy (Chinese) New Year #1

Happy Chinese New Year!  While this might be a month late in the Gregorian calendar, according to the Chinese, my New Year post is bang on.  Over the four years of this blog, started as a resolution, my focus has shifted considerably. I am no longer a student. I am a real-life, full time employed, non-freelance textile designer. The flipside of doing my job for a living means that I spend a) almost all of my time doing my actual job, as opposed to slacking off on the internet, and b) the rest of my time (aka free time) doing things in the real world, like hanging with friends, eating, laundry, etc. Blogging has become less frequent, but the intention and the thoughts have not gone away. Simply put, I have less time for the internet.

So, to have a quick, overdue, look at 2013 then. It was a BIG YEAR for me. I turned 30. Which means I’m officially a GROWN UP, despite the fact I feel nowhere like an actual grown up. In the couple of years since my Van Wilder stint at Uni, my life has changed and it seems that my fashion sensibilities are more attuned to the onset of my 30’s than my regular consciousness. While we don’t need to go into a discourse on the semantics of clothes, it is enough to say that while my brain still thinks I’m young and fun, my wardrobe is telling me that maybe my priorities have shifted somewhat in the past few years. I do not purposely dress age appropriately, but I don’t dress like mutton dressed as lamb. Much. I have started to notice this when I’m going through Tumblr, and trends. I see the clothes that I hypothetically like, and clothes that I would wear.  Without meaning to, I have started to dress for the job that I want, instead of for the party I’m going to. Actually, I’m old now. The parties are a lot less frequent. SOB. To demonstrate, and to mourn the loss of my wonderful 20’s, I have made a collage of Me-From-Before, as well as a Me-As-I-Am-Now. In an idealised, tumblr-fied version. It’s like the truth, but prettier. Bye bye denim cutoffs, the new breed of bright young things are keeping you safe now. Hello delicious coats. And cool, but not-too-much sweaters. Minimal dressing, let’s be having you. Mostly. You’re never too old for a bit of fun. I reckon I’ll probably always wear whacky sunglasses.

denim cutoffs, dip dye hair, american apparel, leopard print, print, fashion, versace, chains, grunge, oversize,

coats, street style, sweaters, minimal dressing, casual, chic, clothes, fashion, outerwear, collage, moodboard, inspiration, lanvin, givenchy

sunglasses, karen walker, cheap monday, denim, hats, leather jackets, style, street style, dressing, inspiration, mood board, idealisedAll images via tumblr.com, Stockholm Street Style, The Sartorialist, missguided.co.uk, Monki, Fashion Fade, WGSN,


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