The Feminist Dress Social Experiment Resolution

In 2013 I resolved to wear more dresses. Partly as a feminist social experiment, partly because dresses are pretty. I am happy to say that I have succeeded, two months late – just in time for the new AW14-15 catwalk collections. As the social experiment it set out to be, I’m not sure that wearing dresses makes people treat you more typically like a girl. Maybe it’s my personality that intimidates people, not the leather jackets. Or perhaps my dress choice are as grungy and non-girly as the rest of my outfit. Actually, probably. Either way, I have met some very interesting people this year regardless of my attire. And equally regardless of their reception, I am very glad to have some lovely frocks sitting in my wardrobe.

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The nice pics from Jules Can Fly & Gemma White. The dodgy selfies are selfies.

As for the real girl thing. As predicted, I have failed miserably. I write this with unmanicured nails, un-extensioned hair, and probably some of last tuesday’s mascara still on…the thing is though, that my scruffiness does not make me any less or more of a feminist. I am not choosing to have terrible nails as a reaction to any system. I am busy and lazy and looking like an extra on TOWIE is not a priority. My unconscious choice may be the eschewing of a system that dictates I procure a husband and then babies by being pretty and meek and obedient. But on a conscious level, in no way do I resist nail polish. In an ideal world, I would do the things I like doing, such as reading and art and that, WITH bouffant hair and beautiful nails. And while Emma Thompson thinks heels have no place in a feminist’s house, I think she’s wrong. Respectfully. Sorry Emma, I love you, but you’re wrong. I think that the knowledge that you have a choice GIVES you a choice. Knowingly wearing heels, making an educated decision to have manicured nails, these are choices available to modern feminists. Otherwise, where are we? Back at the beginning where women don’t have choices. Forget it. Celebrate yourself however you choose. Just be aware that it may be perceived in a certain way and the historical reasons it is popular may be from less that feminist/liberty/pro-women beliefs. I’m not saying it’s right, but it’s how it is. The real fight is the freedom to choose heels, not to have to wear them or never to wear them at all.

And for all the feminists who think like me, let’s have a look at the pretty dresses hot off the AW14-15 catwalks I will be coveting in the coming months…Who knows, maybe by the time they hit stores I’ll have a manicure.

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