The New Almanac

What’s this?! What have I done with Noisy Shoes? Well, to be blunt, I killed it. And it all started over a phone call.

As with last year, my 2014 resolutions are lo-fi. I want to call people on the phone more. I think I have lost a fundamental part of my ability to communicate since the advent of sms. I am afraid of speaking on the phone to people I like speaking to. Which is just plain dumb. This resolution is essentially a way to be more direct. It is about being interacting in a meaningful way.

So, after several years of fun, I have decided to part ways with my old blog moniker. I want to take myself in a more focused direction, and it feels like the right moment for a fresh name. Over time, my approach has changed, my interests have changed. From now on I want to share a combination of ethics, issues, good design and new design. There will be trend forecasts and mood boards. There will still be reviews. There will still be interviews. There will still, of course, be baby animals.

However, I want to blog with a view to responsible consumption, and to eschew a fashion system that encourages unethical and unenvironmental practices. If that is even possible I don’t know, but I am going to find out. Clean living. More direct living. Straight to the point. Like a phone call. Fashion itself is not to blame for our consumption habits, we are. Therefore at no point do I need to feel the need to justify coverage of beautiful design, of innovative ideas, or of being a lover of novelty. It is human nature to move forward. What we must change is the harmful ways in which we do so. I wish to add to this conversation and push it forward as much as I can.

An Almanac is an annual compendium of forecasts and information, which fits closer to what I want to express and contribute to the online fashion discussion. So ladies and gentlemen, say hello to Fashion Almanac. 


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