Sunday Funday #10

1.IT’s a kind of MAGIC.

Magic is a bit naff. David Blaine. Dynamo. David Copperfield. Derren Brown. Naff. THE PAUL DANIELS MAGIC SHOW. Naff-tastic. Why am I talking about magic? It’s like sooooooooooo not fashion, right? Well, yea definitely not. But there is something about magic that people respond to. And in terms of entertainment, I would rather watch the Paul Daniels Magic Show a million times over some trite reality nonsense. There is a lot to be said for spectacle, production, a sense of wonder and of showmanship, illusion. These are all things that the fashion industry feeds off. Not so dissimilar after all? And lets be honest, fashion really loves a bit of tack now and again. Jake Banfield however is not tacky. He’s not even naff. He’s an emerging magician (from Essex but we don’t hold that against him) with a lot of charisma, an easy manner and insanely quick hands. He makes watching magic fun. Check out his new street magic short here. Now that’s magic.





One of the reasons my online presence has diminished recently is because I have been busy surfing actual waves instead of the internet. I have met some really cool people over the past year or so, including the Live Stoked crew. Based in Peniche, Portugal, they are an emerging surfboard shapers with loads of things in the pipelines. As a crew, they are all handy with a camera, so their tumblr is a little treat for the eyes, showing off their little piece of the wild west.

live stoked co, manel souza, peniche, portugal, surfboard, shaping, shaper, surfing, craft, handmade

Photo via

3. John Giorno

I basically know nothing about poetry. In particular performance poetry and beat poetry…It was a nice surprise to find out that I really like it. I was at the second London Contemporary Music Festival last month to witness the incredible John Giorno perform some of his mind bending work. He speaks of universal human experience and heartache and disappointment in such a wonderfully light hearted way it is like he’s the more eloquent and beautiful part of your own mind. It was an honour to be in his presence in such an intimate and special space. I am a huge fan of LCMF after a pal introduced me last year, and not just coz it looks like an acronym for fashion week. The programming is innovative and cutting edge and even after one year it has grown so much. I look forward to the third installment in 2015.


4. John Wizards

I have recently been listening to a lot of South African group John Wizards and their delicious dancy beats are reminiscent of Shangaan Electro, which I posted about a while back. Their Field Day performance last week was one of the highlights of the day for me. Get involved, they are super fun. I don’t have my photos back from Field Day yet, but I will keep you posted.


Field Day


the view from Ghostpoet at Field Day Saturday


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