My Hero William Eggleston

Oh hai, just back from The National Portrait Gallery, where the William Eggleston exhibition is in its final weeks. And a two year hiatus from the blog. Casual Saturday. No big deal.

But Eggleston tho. Let’s just have a moment. I love escaping into William Eggleston’s books of poetic Americana, where his rich colour and intense light elevates the mundane world to something transcendent. His work has informed my notions of dreamy road trips and that particular cinematic quality of banality. The exhibition at the Portrait Gallery was another fabulous escape into his world.

I could wax lyrical about his fabulous work and how it makes me feel but really what I find most interesting is how he holds a mirror to the world with his images. You can see sad, happy, tender, bored, depending on how YOU feel. His work is honest and real on top of achingly beautiful. And that is my kinda greatness. Oh, and the floral couch. Can’t. Cope!

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