Disco Pants 2.0 aka Fat Girls in Shiny Trousers

I have been meaning to comment on something for a little while now. Recently, one of the searches used to find my blog was “fat people wearing American Apparel disco pants”. OUCH, sucks to be me. I’m a UK10/US6, not skinny skinny or model thin, but defo not fat. I have the “OMGGG I’M OBEEEEEEEEEEEEESEEEEEEEEE” … More Disco Pants 2.0 aka Fat Girls in Shiny Trousers

I wore this today

All of the following is true, and some of it may have influenced what I wore to meet my great aunt for lunch at the V&A this afternoon: I saw Olivia Palermo last week and I now LOVE her. I live in West London. I recently decided it wouldn’t be the worst thing to look … More I wore this today

Dial F for Frumpy

I have been avoiding outfit posts like the plague recently, mostly out of laziness, but also because I felt like I was in a bit of a style rut, and nothing annoys me more than unnecessary, pointless or uninspiring outfit posts. ¬†But I know what nosy monkeys you all are, and I have a bunch … More Dial F for Frumpy

Is it vintage yet?!

Back when I was making fat wads o’ cash I did a most peculiar thing – I decided to invest some of it in something…Clearly, it was not going to be something boring like stocks or bonds (in hindsight, probably just as well!), but instead in fashion. My logic ran something like this – that … More Is it vintage yet?!