Sunday Funday #10

1.IT’s a kind of MAGIC. Magic is a bit naff. David Blaine. Dynamo. David Copperfield. Derren Brown. Naff. THE PAUL DANIELS MAGIC SHOW. Naff-tastic. Why am I talking about magic? It’s like sooooooooooo not fashion, right? Well, yea definitely not. But there is something about magic that people respond to. And in terms of entertainment, … More Sunday Funday #10

The New Euphoric

It’s 5am. Do you know where your kids are? Went to check out Braids at XOYO this evening. You should do the same. It’s like chill wave, dubstep and euphoric balearic house had a beautiful, charming love child. Put me on a beach at sunrise immediately.

Sunday Funday #6

Things are pretty hectic here in Noisy Shoes HQ, trying to sort everything for the BIG MOVE, as well as finish up things I have been threatening to do for months and make dolla (ie retail job :/). Against all odds though, I have managed to squeeze in some fun times. Here are the things … More Sunday Funday #6