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January 4, 2013

Resolve. And dresses.

New Years Resolutions are a load of yak. Unless they actually work. Then that’s cool. Maybe it’s yak to think we’ll instantly change into new, awesome-r beta-versions of ourselves, but maybe it’s cool to assess where we are in our lives and make some tweaks. Woah, I’m getting deep. Anyway, seeing as this blog began off the back of a resolution, it seems fitting that I share with you what I have up my sleeve for the coming 365…

1. Wear more dresses. Be a real girl.

Wearing your personality and wearing what you are interested in can be two very different things. What I mean is, people often react to you based on what you wear, not your personality. So while you (I) think studded leather everything with all the rings that will fit on your hands is something you (I) like to look at and therefore wear, you are (I am) not a bad ass biker with a massive chopper and a knife up my sleeve. Problem. So, I have endeavoured to stop scaring the living bejeezus out of people and am socially experimenting with wearing dresses. Although I’m convinced part of me must like it when people are surprised that I’m not a total witch, I am curious to see the difference in how I am perceived by looking a little less terrifying…

The real girl thing is a bigger problem. My 80’s and 90’s lo-fi upbringing makes me reticent to any kind of preening, pouting, swooning and stropping and all the fandango that surrounds being a REAL GIRL. That whole modern-feminist-minimal-independent-kinda-alt-kinda-grungy-don’t-really-care-that-much-and-I-don’ t-even-have-the-time-anyway-because-I-have-other-goals-in-my-life attitude I have going on makes me pretty much adverse to the whole thing, actually. However. I have been watching a load of old films and I’m just plain old jealous of all those real girls and their real girl ways. And sure, nearly all of them are terrible role models propped up by their times to perpetuate the notion of woman in the home and woman as object, and yada yada yada…but damn they look good. I wanna look that good. Like a real girl. Like Audrey, or Bette, of Faye, or Ginger. Or Marilyn. A girl can dream.

So while I am more than likely going to fail miserably at being a REAL GIRL, I shall make steps towards it by wearing frocks. And when they look like this, that’s gonna be easy peasy.

dresses, spring summer 2013, ss13, fashion, style, roberto cavalli, proenza schouler, balenciaga, valentino, balmain, apc,

Top Row: Balenciaga, APC, Balmain. Middle Row: Bottega Veneta, Balenciaga, Valentino Bottom Row: Roberto Cavalli, Thakoon Addition, Proenza Schouler. Images via and

dresses, fashion, style, spring summer 2013, ss13, dries van noten, roberto cavalli, just cavalli, holly fulton, celine, theysken's theory

Top Row: Just Cavalli, Just Cavalli, Holly Fulton. Middle Row: Dries Van Noten. Bottom Row: Theysken’s Theory, Celine.

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February 28, 2012

My favourite colour is SHINY

Balmain SS12

Christopher Kane SS12

Felder Felder SS12

Giles SS12

Manish Arora SS12

Marc Jacobs SS12

Sass & Bide SS12

Suno SS12

Theysken's Theory SS12

Basically, I’m tacky as hell. I try to be subtle*, but I’m subtle like a brick. I LOVE shiny things like magpies love shiny things. Maybe it’s because I’m dead inside and it deflects attention away from my black soul? Perhaps. All I know is that shiny things make me happy. It’s hard to be sad when you have a shiny lazer cut leather skirt.

The Balmain is a DREAM of shiny embroidery, and the Felder Felder is a stroke of shiny grungy ’90’s genius. But bewarned, shiny! is not like colour – silhouette DOES matter. Cut, shape, proportion – think about what you want and what’s going to work for you. Unless you look like the birds above, if you get it wrong, it’s gonna look TERRRRRIIIIIBBBBBBBUUUUUULLLLLLLL.  Team with a not-so-shiny plain t-shirt, or shirt (á la Jacobs) for a more demure take. Or throw caution to the wind and go all out, and wait for the magpies (me) to flock towards you and coo at your awesome shiny thing.

*no I don’t. I wear acid colour and leopard at the same time. The hack.

July 18, 2011


The king is dead, long live the king.

I did a little cry back at the start of the year when I heard that Christophe Decarnin was gone from Balmain. Such a perfect combination couldn’t possibly be replicated, no? Who could POSSIBLY fill those shoes? Even though I couldn’t afford a button on one of his jackets I was GUTTED.

And then a really funny thing happened. About a week ago I realised I was over the distressed rock-n-roll look that Christophe’s Balmain so immaculately embodied. I’m not exactly sure when it happened, but as with all tastes, things change imperceptibly and slowly, so that one day you wake up and realise that your all-time-favourite-ever is now in fact not really your favourite anymore.

I was therefore absolutely delighted to see Olivier Roustein’s Resort collection for Balmain, his first for the brand. It was faithful to all the things I love about Balmain/Decarnin – heavy hardware, kick ass attitude, razor sharp tailoring, but was less dirty rock star and more….dare I say it, Beyonce? It’s glamour with an edge, and a wildness.  Which is clearly my favourite kind of glamour. There is also a tinge of Africana running thoughout which is totally what I’m digging on too at the moment. It feels right for now, a fresh update to the Balmain moniker, which was in danger of becoming a bit of a (still totally awesome) one trick pony.

If this is just the beginning for Mr Roustein, I cannot wait to see what he has in store for us next. Oh, and did I mention – the shoes? Swoon!

Balmain Resort 2012

Balmain Resort 2012

Balmain Resort 2012

Balmain Resort 2012

Balmain Resort 2012

Balmain Resort 2012

Balmain Resort 2012

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October 11, 2010

Designers Do it Better

I like to flatter myself by saying that one of the reasons I dress fairly boringly (is that a word? is now…) is that my lack o funds means I don’t have access to the amazing designer clothes. Now, you can argue in favour of the high street, and second hand and making the most of it all you like. Don’t get me wrong, I trawl through charity rails, I shop high street, looking for interesting, well designed clothes. But most of the time my style is quite muted and not that fashioney. Why? Well for one, I usually buy clothes based on the quality of the fabric (ie no polyester, no acrylic wool, no crappy cut garments or badly sewn seams), which rules out a massive amount of high street clothes. And also, and this one kills me when I find something i like, it’s because I HATE buying a really pretty/dramatic/fun/colourful dress and wear it out and see ten other girls in the same thing. I HATE HATE HATE IT.

Does that mean I think I am more original than I am? Possibly. But let’s be honest, the high street rips off designers, and often has their knock off versions in the stores before the designer collections arrive at their sales points. I hate that for many reasons. One of which is that they are essentially making FAR more money than a lot of designers, without having to take any of the design risks or innovative thinking. Which sucks for the designers. Another one is that the quality just isnt there in the high street version. Which sucks for the consumer – us. Aside from branding and exclusivity and all that jazz, part of the reason that designer clothes are so expensive is that they are made to really really high levels of quality. which means that they look better, they feel better and they fit better.

That’s not to say that you have to be loaded to look good, we can all agree that the ubiquity of street style blogs renders that a very moot point. HOWEVER, when it comes to wearing really striking clothes, like proper FASHUN, kick ass, omg-that-dress-is-freaking-awesome clothes, designers do it better. And personally, I would rather just not play the game than be the poor cousin to this lot….


Balmain AW10



Balmain AW10



Preen AW10



Proenza Schouler AW10



Pucci AW10



Pucci AW10



Versus AW10



Versus AW10



Vivienne Tam


July 20, 2010

So Last Season. So What?

Fashion has a tendency to lose the run of itself. Well, actually, people have a habit of blaming clothes for their own tendency to lose the run of themselves, but to hell with taking responsibility for your own actions – let’s blame fashion. I say this is because “fashion” these days moves at warp speed. Driven in no small part by the knock off merchants, I mean the high street, the rag trade mentality seems to drive fashion in terms of sales and selling new things to people like me every two weeks. TWO WEEKS!

Sorry, but I call shenanigans. We have allowed money makers to let us replace values such as craftsmanship and design integrity with newness, constant shiny newness. It doesn’t matter that the quality of the fabric is bad, it doesn’t matter that the design is poor and that the cut is rubbish. If it is new, it is good, right??

So if new is good then old is bad, yeah? To be “last season” is the ultimate fashion faux pas of our society. I guess there are sociological reasons for this… technology moves so fast, the world we live in…blah blah blah….but I mean COME ON!!!! We are obsessed with vintage, yet we look down on last season? Not vintage enough, it’s inauthentic and it’s not new enough to be relevant. REALLY?!!

Wow, I didn’t realise I was going to have such a rant. Heh, oops! To bring things back to a more light hearted note, below are a bunch of last season’s clothes. And they still rock. It’s handy to look at our old clothes to see what can be reworked into our current wardrobes. A good trick when wearing last season (always handy around sale time) is to pick something that is classic or so completely out there that it never really fit into a season as such to begin with. Doing things like changing the belt or the buttons on clothes can update them. I know that sounds really stooopid but the difference between a shirt buttoned all the way up and three buttons down is huge!

And then there are just some things in every woman’s closet that they love so much who gives a flying fuck whether people think they are this season, last season, soooo last season its not even funny or just plain ugly. If you love it, wear it. Even if it’s just around your bedroom!

Moschino Cheap & Chic SS09
3.1 Philip Lim SS09
3.1 Philip Lim SS09
Alexander Wang SS09
Badgley Mischka
Balmain SS08
BCBG Max Azria AW09
Celine SS09 (how awesome is that necklace?!!)
Chloe SS09
Erdem SS09
Malandrino SS09
Marchesa SS09
Max Azria SS09
Prada Resort 2010 (not technically last season yet, but too good to leave out!)
Rodarte SS09
Tibi SS09
Tory Burch SS09

(all images via


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