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November 13, 2011

Sunday Funday #8

It is far easier to say you are going to stay in and have a quiet weekend than it actually is to do so. It is thus with a level of smugness and a tinge of FOMO* that I report to have managed a full weekend of quiet civility. Ish. These are some of the things that have been entertaining me this weekend (and week).

1) Postmodernism: Style & Subversion 1970-1990

Love love love the V&A. Love love love late night Friday museum banter. No queues. No tourists. Booze. Awesome. There were costumes worn by Leigh Bowery & Mr. Pearl, Dave Byrne’s giant suit from Stop Making Sense, images by Cindy Sherman & Richard Prince, typography and graphic design from the likes of Peter Saville (Factory Records) and The Face….There was lots of art and product design that I felt was quite dated, but then lots of graphic design that was still really fresh and modern.

What really struck me about the exhibition was how far product design and fine art has come in terms of aesthetic, but how I still feel like we live in a postmodern society. It’s a bit brain melty but very very interesting about where art, and society, is right now.

It also reminded me that I need to watch Blade Runner. And listen to Joy Division more.

Peter Saville's sleeve for New Order "Power, Corruption"

2) Dazed & Confused 20th Anniversary Exhibition, Somerset House

If I’m totally honest, I don’t really read Dazed that much anymore. But anything that promises lots of Rankin & Juergen Teller & Nick Knight photos and I’m there. It’s a small but interestingly curated exhibition, well worth a gander. And Somerset House is one of my favourite places. And they have their ice rink & Christmas tree all ready to go….EXCITING!!!! As an exhibition, I was struck by how much of it was really recent, and perhaps a little disappointed that they didn’t have more archival sort of images. I am more interested in the start of Dazed, when it was still a bit more edgy and outsider-y, but that’s just me being a dickhead.

Juergen Teller

Nick Knight


3) Coats

There is definitely something wrong with me. But I am fine with it. Here’s one I customised earlier.


4) Patrick Swayze.

Dirty Dancing. POINT BREAK. I wish I could merengue. And surf. And jump out of planes. Well, actually, it was Darrick Doerner who surfed that massive wave at the end. And the whole thing re-ignited my passion for surfing, and I have made a made a pinky swear with my roommate to go on a surf holiday to Cornwall in January!

Here’s Darrick and other big wave surfing legend Laird Hamilton doing they thang at Jaws, one of the best breaks in the world.

5) Modeselektor – Monkeytown

Just what I’m in the mood to listen to. I think you will be too.

6) Breakfast

The only meal worth having. For reals. I also happen to be an EPIC breakfast chef. Which is handy, given my love for them. I mean, who doesnt love eggs?


June 18, 2011

Thanks for Calling!

Today’s challenge is a piece of jewellery that a grandparent gave you. I am not doing it, because some things are private, and my grandparents and their gifts are off limits!! I will tell you however, that the three of them I had the privilege to know were (and one of them still is) inspiring, amazing people. My grandparents have taught me, by example, so many things that are ingrained in my personality; a sense of mischief, a love of clothes, craft and the benefits of studying hard (and playing hard too!). My nana, for example, always finishes phone conversations with “thanks for calling”. It’s such a small thing, but it shows a warmth and respect that is so often lacking in our times.

So, instead of the jewellery, here are some pretty impressive images from two photographers I quite admire, Zoe Zimmer, and Tom Blachford.

Tom Blachford

Tom Blachford

Tom Blachford

Zoe Zimmer

Zoe Zimmer

Zoe Zimmer

images via and Dazeddigital


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