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March 1, 2012

Designer Profile: We Need to Talk About Alan Taylor

Let me tell you about Alan. Alan Taylor is the kind of guy who knows what’s what before it’s even a what. He’s the kind of guy who shaved off his floppy locks and started dressing like a skinhead before it was cool. He’s the kind of guy that when he says men should wear skirts, then lads, I hope you have shaved your legs. Alan Taylor is so on the money it’s ridiculous. But don’t let that put you off, he’s an insanely nice guy and fierce talented to boot.

Alan Taylor AW12

Having interned at McQueen and worked closely with Simone Rocha for the past few years, he has decided to set up his own eponymously titled menswear label, Alan Taylor. Check out his awesome first fashion film for his new collection below, entitled “Man”. I like Alan’s vision of MAN, it is a strong and modern masculinity. It’s men in skirts, in a Roman Warrior, East London go-f**k-yourself kind of way, as opposed to Beckham in a sarong. It’s sharp tailoring and interesting combinations of fabrics that is reminiscent of his old boss, Ms. Rocha, but with his own aesthetic. There is a weird darkness to the collection, but don’t let the show pieces confuse you, his clothes are designed for real men, with trousers, shirts & coats that are sharp and wearable.

Alan Taylor AW12

The fashionable man is a strange entity. Most of his garments are appropriated by the fashionable woman, especially in recent years when masculine tailoring and androgyny have been key trends. Menswear tends to play it safe and deliver the same old thing, or goes so avant-garde that only the most flamboyant, effeminate fashion man would ever wear it. And while I lust after Taylor’s shirts, this collection is very definitely for men, even the skirts are strong, and manly. It is directional without compromising masculinity, which is a fine line and difficult to achieve.

So everyone, big up the nice lad from Rathfarnham who’s about to be the next big thing. And in a little while when he’s a megastar, I am quite happily going to tell you I TOLD YOU SO.

Alan Taylor AW12 Fashion Film ‘Man’ from Alan Taylor on Vimeo.

January 10, 2012

Natalie B Coleman….Be my friend

***NOTE: I am having a total wordfail/brainfart. This article is short on words as a result. It is not, however, short on thought. Luckily, Natalie’s work speaks for itself so I think I might just sit this one out.***

Check this out. Natalie B Coleman is cool. She’s Irish too, which is cool. And she did an MA in St Martins, which is really cool. And her collection is really really cool. Her stuff is girly without being saccharine, staying within the cool-girl zone. She plays with narratives but not annoyingly so, never sacrificing the aesthetic. In short, her stuff is the Shiiiiizzzzzz and I think I want her to be my friend.

Natalie B Coleman SS12

Natalie B Coleman SS12

Natalie B Coleman SS11

Natalie B Coleman SS11

August 2, 2011

The Manley Interview

I came across Emma Manley’s designs when a make-up artist friend of mine posted images on facebook of a shoot she had recently done. I was immediately struck by the beautiful, confident simplicity and construction of the garments, and assumed it had been done in London. Shame on me though, as Emma is Irish and working in Dublin. Being the busybody that I am, I got in touch with her to talk about Manley, her brand, and how she finds running a fashion label in Dublin.

Emma Manley A/W 12

JK: What’s the best thing about running your brand from Ireland?

EM: The constant support I get from family and friends who are always there urging me on. Working alone can be somewhat lonely and its pretty hard to be 100% enthused at all times, so having that support system really helps me to keep in top form and pushing Manley forward.

Emma Manley A/W 12

JK: And the biggest challenge?

EM: I suppose right now it’s the current economic climate. With the limited spending power out there it’s pretty evident that most start up’s wont survive. I suppose its a case of only the strongest will survive and I hope I can make the grade.

Emma Manley A/W 12

JK: What is your favourite part of the design process?

EM: Whats nice about the design process is that no process lasts for very long. Your researching, designing, then you’re sampling and finally you’re in production and all of a sudden the process needs to start all over again. It’s quite a controlled operation for something so creative! I’m never in one process long enough to grow board of it. Right now my favourite part is the embellishment work. I suppose it’s also the most gratifying part for me too. Studding work is a pretty tedious and time consuming task but I love how it transforms the garment and gives it attitude.

Emma Manley A/W 12

And we love the results! There is a confidence in the garments and their design that hints at great things for this young lady. Manley herself tells me that it’s an exciting time for the brand, and while she won’t be pinned down to specifics, I am more than happy to stay tuned to find out. Manley is currently available in Bow Boutique, Powerscourt Townhouse, a wonderful store run by another brave and incredibly talented Irish-based designer, Eilis Boyle.

Emma Manley A/W 12

And in case you were wondering, Emma is currently listening to Joanna Newsom, Goldfrapp’s Seventh Tree, Fight Like Apes and Villagers. Great taste all round then.

Emma Manley A/W 12

All images courtesy of Manley

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