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February 16, 2010


I have an amazing bag sitting in the back of my wardrobe. I never use it. I am leaving it there, waiting. It is a former It Bag, past its glory days of fashion caché, and yet some years too young to be a vintage classic. I sometimes feel sorry for it, the poor has-been.

I sort of feel sorry for all the has-been bags…

the stam’s,


the kelly’s,


the baguettes,


and the paddingtons.


The Lady Dior has had a bit of a resergence and the Balenciaga lariat has never really gone out of style since it launched (I still want one).


I also still want a mulberry, but not the alexa cheung one (i know, blasphemy) – but the original beautiful one, the roxanne.


In the eternal quest for the new and the now, we discard the just-was. Well, until it has sat in the back of our wardrobes for long enough that it is fresh and exciting again. Which, in general fashion cycle terms, is between ten and twenty years. Oh, and if you havnt already, start hoarding anything early-to-mid 90’s now. The twenty year anniversary is upon us, and is starting to hit runways again. So by that maths, my saddle bag will be making its next outing in…2016, ish…


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