Sunday Funday #10

1.IT’s a kind of MAGIC. Magic is a bit naff. David Blaine. Dynamo. David Copperfield. Derren Brown. Naff. THE PAUL DANIELS MAGIC SHOW. Naff-tastic. Why am I talking about magic? It’s like sooooooooooo not fashion, right? Well, yea definitely not. But there is something about magic that people respond to. And in terms of entertainment, … More Sunday Funday #10

Sunday Funday #9…

I have succeeded in getting myself a job where I disseminate the collections and am constantly working with trends and analysing what’s next. Which makes me less inclined to repeat it in my free time. It’s not that I have lost interest – far from it, I am actually living the dream. But all fashion … More Sunday Funday #9…

Sunday Funday #8

It is far easier to say you are going to stay in and have a quiet weekend than it actually is to do so. It is thus with a level of smugness and a tinge of FOMO* that I report to have managed a full weekend of quiet civility. Ish. These are some of the … More Sunday Funday #8

Sunday Funday #6

Things are pretty hectic here in Noisy Shoes HQ, trying to sort everything for the BIG MOVE, as well as finish up things I have been threatening to do for months and make dolla (ie retail job :/). Against all odds though, I have managed to squeeze in some fun times. Here are the things … More Sunday Funday #6

Sunday Funday #5

Can’t actually believe it’s Sunday again. This week has FLOWN. Eek. ¬†Sunshine has made me a marginally nicer person tho, which is good. Here’s what got me through the last 7 days. 1) Marley Park After threatening to go for a walk for the past age with Jules, yesterday we finally made it to Marley … More Sunday Funday #5

Sunday Funday #4

It has been a fairly CRAPPY week, but there are only like 5 more and I am FINISHED college. Can’t wait at this stage. So, bear with me while I get through this and I promise I will be a better blogger soon!!! Here’s what kept me sane this week: 1) Lykke Li I only … More Sunday Funday #4