About Jane

WHO? Jane is a textile designer by trade, and a photographer, dj, and blogger by accident.

WHAT? Fashion Almanac is a record of what I see and like, be it noteworthy fashion, design, photography, music, weird animals or whatever else catches my eye. It is a collection of thoughts and open conversations, as well as a  bit of a visual diary, encompassing aspects of fashion theory, the culture of fashion and a sense of humour. It is a nerdy blog written by a nerdy girl.

WHEN? Since January 2010, every few days or whenever an idea takes me. Some times a little, sometimes a lot. I have a full time job, yo.

WHERE? Here. And on TUMBLR. And TWITTER. And featured online on American Apparel’s Best of Seen & Submitted , Irish Times Fash Mob, RTE’s Two Tube, The Licentiate, as well as in print for U Magazine and Stellar Magazine.

WHY? Without thinking I’m too big for my boots, I want to add something to the fashion conversation rather than just passively viewing or pressing reblog. Because there aren’t enough blogs talking, really talking about fashion, about design standards, about ethics and sustainability, about the really hard work that goes into what we wear and the reasons we wear it in the first place. Because there needs to forums for (somewhat) intelligent thought on fashion as well as a place to take it not seriously at all. Because as much as being earnest and gushing about fashion might be genuine, if we’re honest it’s probably healthier to have a somewhat humourous take on things.


I believe in maintaining integrity over maintaining my bank balance. Having said that, I am happy to work with brands that I truly believe in, and whose values match my own. If you would like to send me information, samples or approach me with an offer, feel free to contact me on noisyshoesblog (at) gmail.com and if I think we are a good fit I will get back to you.

3 thoughts on “About Jane


    Im gonna be reviewing for a new one over here – will send on the dets when i has em:)

    muchos love!


  2. hi 🙂
    just letting you know thank you so muchh for writing about nick Knight, i have to do a year12 theory assesment on him but nickknight.com is blocked… but thanks to you i found showstudio and it helped me SOOO much so thanks heaps 🙂
    ❤ ❤
    much appreciated… ohh and yur blog is good too!

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