The biggest Fan

Fan(n.): an instrument for cooling things, also a person who admires someone or thing greatly. C/Fan is Christina Fan’s label, which I admire greatly. Her floaty printed dresses manage to be more Acne than Cavalli, which is no mean feat (trust me as someone who is trying to do it at the moment, start playing … More The biggest Fan

London Calling

Things I saw in London last weekend… Acne. In EVERY deparment store. Everywhere. I guess I never really thought about it, but I suppose they are pretty much on the money – great shapes in interesting fabrics, and lots of black. It’s funny, because I generally like their stuff but never seek it out. And … More London Calling

Marchesa 4eva

I LOVE Marchesa. Well, it’s love in a really fantasy sort of a way. I know that I do not have too many social functions that require a dress as lovely, and that’s leaving aside the price tag. But still. I mean come on. LOOK AT THEM! They are just the most beautiful constructions. Super … More Marchesa 4eva